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    UPDATE! After media firestorm, lawyer apologizes to loved ones of accident victims. Proceedings have been initiated against attorney

    We can expect that attorney Paweł K. will be charged with disciplinary offenses for violating the rules of attorney’s ethics, especially in the context of his proper conduct in private life,’ we heard from the spokesperson of the Regional Council of the Bar in Łódź, attorney Anna Mrożewska. It’s about the recent social media activity of attorney Paweł K. and the Sunday accident he was involved in. Two women did not survive the collision.

    An unfortunate collision of an Audi and a Mercedes occurred on provincial road 595 on Sunday before 6 pm on the Barczewo-Jeziorany section. The accident involved four adults and a four-year-old boy. The collision killed two women, ages 53 and 67, who were driving an Audi. The child traveling in the other car was transported to the hospital.


    After the accident, the driver of the shattered Mercedes spoke out on social media. Paweł K., a lawyer from Łódź, argued that people should buy newer and safer cars. He called the Audi of the victims of the tragedy near Barczewo a “coffin on wheels.” According to the lawyer, among other things, “that’s why these women died.” The man deleted the Instagram “story”, but Jan Śpiewak managed to save it.


    The position of the President of the Supreme Bar Council, attorney Przemysław Rosati on the case was reported by


     – The disciplinary ombudsman has already dealt with his statement and assessed it in terms of the rules of professional ethics. Far more is required of an attorney,” said attorney Rosati.  He reminded that the issue of the accident itself is being dealt with by law enforcement agencies and in the appropriate procedures, this matter will be clarified.  


    The NRA (Supreme Bar Council – editor’s note) president also admitted that he was humanly sorry and that K.’s words should not have been said at all.  – I apologize for them and offer my condolences to the families of the victims of this tragedy,” Rosati told us.




    In a statement posted on social media last night, attorney Paweł K. asserted, “it was never my intention to shift the blame for causing this accident onto the fatalities who were traveling in an older generation car.”  He assured us that he is praying for the accident victims, their families, and loved ones.


    According to the Polish Press Agency (PAP), after the accident in Warmia, the information that people were killed driving a “car without airbags” was also posted by an influencer, whose wedding the lawyer was returning from.  This statement also caused a wave of outrage


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