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    Cuisine from Podlasie Region

    The picturesque region situated in northeastern Poland with interesting rivers and lakes is the least urbanized part of Poland; idyllic landscapes, charming towns, and spas, as well as four national parks (Białowieża, Biebrza, Narwiński, and Wigierski), invite tourists.

    Podlasie region is also known for its delicious dishes that consist mainly of potatoes, which are popular in this region. The most famous are kołduny, kartacze, bliny, babka and kiszka ziemniaczana as well as kindziuk. Considerable influence on Podlasie cuisine had Kurpie and Lithuanian cuisine.


    Under the banner of Podlasie Cuisine, we can find unique dishes from the entire Podlasie region, which for hundreds of years has been an area where various cultures and religions meet. It is in the Podlaskie region that you will taste dishes completely unknown in other parts of the country, whose names are slightly exotic and ingredients are based on what the Podlaskie region bred. 

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