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    Head of Frontex on the Polish-Belarusian border. He thanked Poland

    Executive Director of the Frontex Agency Fabrice Leggeri and Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Bartosz Grodecki visited the Polish-Belarusian border on Monday. “The aim was to present the difficult situation resulting from the hybrid actions of the Belarusian regime,” reported the Ministry of the Interior and Administration.

    The Ministry informed that apart from the Head of Frontex and the Deputy Head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, the Deputy Commander in Chief of the Border Guard, Brig. Grzegorz Niemiec participated in the visit as well.

    “The visit aimed to present the complex situation at this section of the external border of the European Union, which results from the Belarusian regime’s hybrid actions and requires extraordinary measures to strengthen border protection and ensure the security of the Schengen area,” the Ministry of the Interior and Administration reported.

    Leggeri, as announced in the Ministry’s statement, got acquainted with the activities of the Border Guard and was impressed by the means used to adequately secure the border. As added, he also thanked Poland for cooperation with Frontex since the beginning of the crisis, for the ongoing exchange of information, and for providing the Agency with data on the situation at the border.


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