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    Delicious kartacze and bliny from Podlasie

    In Podlasie you can find dishes that are completely unknown in other parts of the country. Their names are slightly exotic, but ingredients are based on what the Podlasie region has the best.

    Besides Poland bliny are also known in Belarus, Lithuania, and Russia. Originally bliny were a religious dish, eaten in the last week before Lent. Nowadays bliny are treated as a traditional dish. In Podlasie they are often baked during festivals and folk events.


    Kartacze is a typical regional dish that is popular in the Suwałki and of course Podlasie regions. They resemble commonly known dumplings, however, the recipe and the shape of kartacze is slightly different. First of all, grated raw and boiled potatoes are used to make them. The filling is minced meat and the whole dish is covered with pork scratching. In Lithuania, they are known as cepeliny.



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