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    Tyson Fury to face Deontay Wilder: 'Deep down he knows he's lost and will lose again'

    Saturday night in Las Vegas will mark the third fight between some of the best heavyweight boxers in recent years. Tyson Fury will face Deontay Wilder and promises to beat the 35-year-old American again.

    Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will face each other in the ring for the third time. The first fight ended in a controversial draw. Their last fight took place 20 months ago and was decisively won by “The Gypsy King”, with Wilder later accusing the Brit of foul play.


    “Deep down he knows he lost and now he’s going to lose again,” Fury responded calmly to the allegations and added:


    “After this duel, he will return to the fast-food chain where he previously worked. This will be the end of his career.


    At the official weigh-in before the fight it turned out that both fighters had never carried so much weight in the ring before. Wilder weighs 108 pounds, while the more powerfully built Fury weighs over 125 pounds. The usual eye-gouging didn’t take place, but both fighters didn’t regret their bitter words this time either. Asked how he foresees the boxing trilogy ending, the Brit replied:


    “I’ll massacre him in the ring, he’ll be broken into little pieces, he’ll look like he met up with an 18-ton truck. I’m looking forward to Saturday.


    “Bronze Bomber”, on the other hand, emphasized that weighing the most in his career, he is also as strong as ever. “I was taking 160kg on my chest, I’ve never been that strong. There’s no weight I can’t lift,” Wilder stated.


    In addition to Tyson Fury’s fight with Deontay Wilder, the Las Vegas show will also feature a rematch between Adam Kownacki and Robert Helenius. The show will be aired on TVP Sport in Poland and the main card bouts are scheduled to start at 3:00 AM Polish time. Fury and Wilder will probably enter the ring around 6 o’clock.

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