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    Orlen: for 20 years we will maintain two energy systems

    The pace of change in the transport system is largely dependent on the fuel used to power the vehicles purchased and used by Poles. That is why Orlen expects to maintain two energy systems for the next 20 years – those based on traditional and alternative fuels,” said Karol Wolff, director of Orlen’s Strategy and Strategic Projects Office.

    “Given our ambitions for decarbonization, we can see that there is a very large investment ahead. In this context, the merger of Orlen Group with Lotos Group and PGNiG will enable us to achieve more stable profits, which we will reinvest in new businesses and new segments of activity,” Karol Wolff announced.


    The concern intends to invest in the development of low-emission and renewable energy sources in the power industry and alternative fuels in transportation – assured the representative of Orlen during Congress 590 in Warsaw (October 5-6, 2021), where he participated in the debate on green transformation, being a challenge for a new, strong multi-energy concern.


    Karol Wolff confirmed that Orlen wants to change its business in such a way that it does not burden the environment, which is “in line with the expectations of customers and regulators”.


    “However, the pace of change in the transport system is not entirely dependent on Orlen, but on the decisions of our customers,” the Orlen representative stressed. Therefore, the company expects to maintain two energy systems for 20 years – one based on hydrocarbons and the use of liquid fuels, and the other on alternative fuels.

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