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    The cuisine from Warmia and Mazury

    The cuisine of Warmia and Mazury combines the flavours of old Polish, German, and borderland cuisine. It is delicious, natural, simple, and full of flavour.

    Brick fortresses, but also post-German bunkers with ghosts of the past, vast forests with the smell of mushrooms and berries, and finally water – a holiday in this region is simply a must!


    Warmia and Mazury cuisine uses mainly easily accessible fish, forest products, and agricultural produce. The shape of Warmia-Mazury cuisine was strongly influenced by German, Russian and Mazovian cuisine. Fish and crayfish soup is extremely popular in Mazury. You can also eat popular Polish dishes such as broth or sour soup.


    The most popular dishes are:

    – dzyndzałki z hreczką i skrzeczkami (dumplings with buckwheat and baco nor fat greaves),

    – plińce z pomoćką (potato pancakes with fluffy filling made of cottage cheese and cream),

    – placki ziemniaczane z sosem twarogowym (potato pancakes with cottage cheese sauce), 

    – brukowiec (traditional gingerbred from Mazury).

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