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    Energy from coal – Europe reduces, China and India increase

    Reuters reports that Beijing has ordered Chinese coal mines to increase extraction. It is estimated that millions of homes and businesses across the country have been affected by energy shortages in recent weeks.

    Three major coal-producing provinces have pledged to increase extraction, China’s Caixin news agency reported. Several provinces across the country have been suffering from power shortages since the middle of last month.


    According to Reuters, citing government officials and coal traders, the Inner Mongolia region in northern China has ordered more than 70 mines to increase their annual mining extraction by nearly 100 million tons.


    In recent weeks, energy shortages have raised concerns in many countries around the world, including the UK, Europe, and India.


    UK consumers have been warned that household energy bills are set to rise sharply as prices on the wholesale market rise.


    India, meanwhile, is on the edge of an unprecedented energy crisis as the country’s energy suppliers struggle to secure enough coal to meet growing electricity demand.

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