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    One in six people worldwide have difficulty reading because of Irlen syndrome

    JOSEPH, Oregon State, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Millions of children and adults around the world struggle with Irlen syndrome – the brain’s inability to process certain frequencies of light waves or colours. The condition falls on a spectrum from mild to severe with symptoms that can include difficulty with reading and math, sensitivity to light, headaches, abdominal pain, dizziness, inability to focus, clumsiness, and poor sports performance. Although the condition is genetic in about half of sufferers, it can also be caused by brain trauma, high fever, or viral infections.

    Aimed at parents and teachers working with children who struggle with reading, The Word Gobblers guide addresses these problems and offers simple and immediate modifications to alleviate or overcome them, as well as long-term solutions. The book includes a symptom and behaviour questionnaire and uses interactive exercises on different coloured paper to help the parent or teacher discover if the child may be affected.


    Children who read poorly or fail at sports are often the victims of teasing or harassment, resulting in feelings of shame or low self-esteem. “The Word Gobblers” explains from a medical perspective why some children and adults have literacy problems or exhibit inappropriate behaviour, and compares the body’s inability to digest certain foods, such as strawberries or peanuts, with the brain’s inability to interpret certain wavelengths of light. 


    In the foreword, the founder and director of the Irlen Institute, Helen L. Irlen, explains the discovery of Irlen syndrome and the progress that has been made in its treatment. The Irlen Method for treating this condition has become the focus of much national and international media attention.


    Library Journal states, “ISSUE: An extremely helpful guide for parents, caregivers, and teachers of children who struggle with reading”.


    Recently, Betsy Wurzel of Passionate Worldwide Talk Radio interviewed Matthias for her blog “Talking with Betsy”:


    Author Catherine Matthias is a certified Irlen syndrome researcher and the author of six picture books for beginning readers.

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