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    Jeremy Clarkson is considering moving… to Poland? “It's a place where we would be happy”

    British motoring journalist and the face of many TV shows, Jeremy Clarkson on The Times mentioned about moving… to Poland. The information can be taken not entirely seriously, but the arguments he used are quite interesting.

    In his column, Jeremy Clarkson considers where Britons might move in search of a better existence. He was critical of the possibility of migration to America (“It’s two countries now – one led by a stupid old man towards bankruptcy and the other where everyone likes Budweiser”), Italy, Spain, or Greece.


    “However, there is a place where we would all be happy. Eastern Europe. Specifically, Poland,” Jeremy Clarkson announced.


    “We sit and whine that all the truck drivers and builders have gone back to Poland. If that’s what we want – well-built houses and a regular supply of toilet paper – why don’t we move to Warsaw too?,” he added.


    Clarkson also rated Poles as a nationality. In his opinion, Poles have a great sense of humour. He cited his visit to Poland as an example.


    “Once, broadcasting from in front of their national stadium, I said: with so many of you here, so who is fixing the pipes in London? They burst out laughing,” he wrote.

    He pointed out that “all Poles like jokes” and “especially about Germans”.


    Moreover, the journalist praised the Polish… weather for “decent seasons” and prices in Polish restaurants.


    Clarkson pointed out that Poland is not heavily ethnically diverse and is not a major destination for migrants “from Syria and Somalia.”



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