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    Archaeologists are looking for traces of medieval Łódź

    In the Old Market Square in Łódź, which is to undergo revitalization in the near future, archaeologists from the University of Łódź are working on finding the roots of the 15th-century settlement. In the first days of their search, they discovered a 20th-century brick well and coins from the interwar period.

    “We are looking for the roots of the 15th-century Lodz. We want to determine whether medieval Łódź actually arose in this place and whether it began to develop here,” emphasized Dr. Eng. Artur Ginter from the Institute of Archeology at the University of Lodz, who leads a team of scientists and students who have been conducting excavations in the Old Market Square since October 12.

    Next year is the 600th anniversary of granting city rights to Łódź, yet it is one of the few Polish cities that has not confirmed its late medieval origins with archaeological methods. Archaeologists are counting on discoveries regarding the beginnings of settlement in this area, which would enrich the first part of a five-volume monograph prepared on the occasion of the anniversary by the University of Łódź, commissioned by the Łódź magistrate.


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