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    The cuisine from Pomorskie Region

    Pomeranian cuisine is characterized by a variety of tastes and aromas, although it is called the cuisine of poor lands. Apart from fish, you can find many dishes prepared based on potatoes, other vegetables, as well as goose meat.

    Pomorskie region is often called the Pomeranian once. The Pomeranian cuisine or the Pomorskie cuisine refers to dishes typical of the area close to the sea. 


    The fried fluke and herring are the most frequent associations of Poles with the Pomeranian cuisine. However, cuisine from the seaside, Kashubia (or Cassubia), Bory Tucholskie, or Powiśle is much richer and has its unique tradition.


    The old Pomeranian cuisine was divided into bourgeois and manor house cuisine and country cuisine. The latter was simple and tasty, based mainly on products produced by peasant farmers, whose farms were largely self-sufficient. A very important role was played by the Baltic Sea and numerous lakes that supplied fish. They were eaten in large quantities, especially herring – usually soaked in water for a dozen or so hours, sliced and with slices of onion added, and then drenched in vinegar, herring milk, or cream. An indispensable addition to herring prepared this way was potatoes cooked in their skins. In Kashubia, such a dish was called herring with pulki.


    Traditional dishes:

    – herring with pulki – soaked in water herring with onion and drenched in vinegar, herring milk or cream,

    – ruchanki – cakes made from bread or yeast dough served hot,

    – brukwianka – soup from yellow turnip,

    – klitundplumen – plums’ soup with dumplings.



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