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    The train “Marshal Piłsudski” is on its way

    The PKP Intercity train, running in the new timetable on the route Kraków Główny – Warszawa Wschodnia, is called “Marshal Piłsudski” from Monday.

    President of PKP Intercity Marek Chraniek reminded during the Monday ceremony at the Main Railway Station in Krakow (Kraków Główny) that the initiative to give the train a patron was undertaken jointly with the Józef Piłsudski Museum in Sulejówek.

    “For PKP Intercity, it is the next event, because we do not only invest in train vehicles and modern train parking stations but also invest in memory, history and identity. The railway is not only a marker of progress but also a marker of history,” said the president of the transport company.

    As he pointed out, the first train, “Marshal Piłsudski”, which left Krakow for the capital on Monday morning, is a modern train that replaces the TLK (abbreviation for Cheap Railway Lines Company – editor’s note) running at the same time.

    The grandson of the marshal, Krzysztof Jaraczewski, emphasized during the ceremony that the train passes freely through two parts of Poland, the connection of which his grandfather had fought for.

    Since May this year, Marshal Józef Piłsudski is the patron of the Main Railway Station in Krakow, one of the largest communication junctions in the country. In the hall with ticket offices, there is a mural depicting the patron.


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