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    Lukashenko's regime journalist scares Poles. “If the tears of children don't speak to you, the bombers will”

    “Has 1939 taught you nothing? You don’t stand a chance, Pszeki! If children’s tears don’t speak to you, then Tu-22M3 bombers will,” regime journalist Grigorij Azarionok threatens on Belarusian state television.

    On the Polish-Belarusian border, various provocations and incidents organized by the Belarusian side are being identified with increasing frequency. Belarusian soldiers shoot into the air to scare migrants gathered near the border with Poland and prevent them from returning inside Belarusian territory. 


    On CTV (Capital Television), the state television channel in Belarus, journalist Grigorij Azarionok turned to Poles, referring to them with the offensive term “pszeki”. He scares Poles with Russian bombers and reminds them of the occupation of Polish lands by the Soviets during World War II.


    The case was reported by the Belarusian opposition journalist Tadeusz Giczan.


    “Has 1939 taught you nothing? You don’t stand a chance, Pszeki! If the tears of children do not speak to you, the Tu-22M3 bombers of the air and space forces of the Russian Federation will. You can throw away your NATO junk now. Run!,” Azarionok said.


    On Wednesday, two Russian Tu-22M3 bombers – the ones mentioned by Azarionok – that are capable of carrying nuclear weapons conducted a patrol in Belarusian airspace. The Russian Defense Ministry added that the machines took part in an air defence inspection of the state of Belarus and Russia.


    “The bombers have trained cooperation with ground command posts of the armed forces of Belarus and Russia,” the Defense Ministry’s message proclaimed. The Ministry assured that the machines performed all tasks.


    A Defense Ministry statement said the bombers had already returned to an airport on Russian territory after a patrol Wednesday. The Belarusian authorities announced that similar flights will occur regularly.

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