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    Telewizja Republika Awards for 2018!

    2018 Telewizja Republika Awards were handed out to Artur Soboń, deputy Minister of Investment and Economic Development , Zbigniew Jagiełło, PKO Bp chairman and Leszek Sosnowski, presidednt of the Biały Kruk Publishing House, were the first laureates of Telewizja Republika Awards, presented at the gala on the occasion of the 6th anniversary of the station’s establishment.

    The award granted in the “Culture” category was handed out by the editor Katarzyna Gójska.

    “The real challenge for the white crow (Biały Kruk) is to survive in a world of black. The winners of our award chose not only its name, but also the same difficult path.We live in the world when we have to fight for our own identity and tradition.” Wydawnictwo Biały Kruk or White Crow Publishing House participates in building community, documenting and describing our identity, achievements, tradition, they show the Polish vision of Europe and the world “ – she said.


    The prize was awarded to the Biały Kruk Publishing House. President Leszek Sosnowski presented himself on the stage.


    “I actually experience a good change: the fact that the chapter was noticed by someone in Krakow is an important thing, you know the authors, without these authors we would not have the achievements we have.” “Congratulations to Republika, six years is a pre-school age, and you still have primary school, a reformed secondary school to go through, the Polish media will not thrive without the help of the state, and the Polish nationals, that are willing to defend our identity “

    – he said in his speech.

    Biały Kruk Publishing House was founded in 1996 by Leszek Sosnowski who specializes in publications on diverse Catholic, cultural, historical and patriotic topics. It published the work and teachings of Saint. Pope John Paul II, with over 90 publications on the White Raven. Other items from this publication concerned, among others, Poland and its regions, church life or pilgrimages around the world. These articles and publication can be found in many languages.


    Later on an award was given to Artur Soboń, deputy Minister of Investment and Development. He was awarded for the establishment of (Strefa Gospodarcza Wolnego Słowa) Economic Zone for a Free World, presented by Piotr Hofman.

    “As the saying goes: there are no nestlings, it is also the role of those in power that these nests are to be available.”

    “Housing conditions has always been an indicator for increasing prosperity and improving demographics. Our laureate involved himself in the development of one of the flagship programs, the Mieszkanie Plus or Appartment Plus Ownership, to establish housing as one of the fundamental human rights, we would not be able feel free without it, it was also our laureate who contributed to the change in this area, to the liquidation of the relic, which was perpetual usufruct, he restored our property, which is very important for the sense of freedom and thanks to this change, we felt even more capable of shaking things up, thank you for the sympathy and supportive words addressed to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, it is the pillar of the Polish economy, the base, the foundation, what we have the best “

    – Hofman said while handing the award.


    Minister Soboń thanked especially two people.

    “Thank you very much for this distinction, thank you, Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński and Mateusz Morawiecki, for their trust and opportunity to perform public service.” I treat this award as an obligation to expand this zone of economic freedom and Polish property. “That was the goal of our government of Law and Justice.” – He said.

    In the “Business” category, Zbigniew Jagiełło, the president of PKO Bank Polski, received the Republika award. In the times of the Polish People’s Republic he was an activist of Fighting Solidarity, the author of publications in independent publishing houses and a co-editor of the issue of the biweekly Solidarnosc Walcząca. From September 14, 2009, he is the president of the board of PKO Bank of Poland. In 2007 he was awarded by the president of the late Lech Kaczyński with the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta. Maks Kraczkowski received the prize on his behalf.


    “On behalf of the bank’s employees, including members of the management board, thank you for the award, I assure you that as the largest Polish bank we will continue to build everything related to the innovation of banking systems in Poland, we will be even better for you every day” – he stressed.

    Scores of people took part in the gala of the 6th anniversary of Telewizja Republika in Galeria Porczyński in Warsaw, including Sejm Speaker Marek Kuchciński, PiS spokeswoman Beata Mazurek, head of the Prime Minister’s political cabinet Marek Suski, former national defense minister Antoni Macierewicz, head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery Michał Dworczyk, deputies, senators or representatives of embassies.






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