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    Polish truck that moves obstacles and has a capacious water tank [VIDEO]

    The events on the Polish-Belarusian border are getting worse. Our police officers are being attacked, so they have to suppress the aggression in some way.

    One tool that can help them do this is the “Typhoon” water cannon (PSS Szczęśniak). It’s a big truck-based on a 3-axle Scania P450, and pouring water is just one of its many features. It is worth noting that currently on the border officers use a model produced by WISS Bielsko-Biała (Polish abbrev. for Wawrzaszek Special Vehicles Engineering – editor’s note).


    There are two 100-litre tanks on board for the eye irritant and the dye. In addition, we have as much as 9000 litres of water, which is fired by two cannons at a rate of 2000 litres per minute.


    Besides, the Typhoon IV can move obstacles thanks to its hydraulically lowered vomer. It’s really hard to stop this beast.


    The incapacitating range is 30 meters, and if attackers start throwing Molotov cocktails at the car, it will be able to extinguish the fire itself. This is a masterpiece throughout!


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