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    This year's edition of the Historical Book Fair is underway!

    This year’s edition of the Historical Book Fair will be held on November 25-28, 2021 at the Kubicki’s Arcades of the Royal Castle in Warsaw. We invite you especially to stand no. 41 to purchase a unique publication: “Laurel of Independence”.

    The 29th edition of the Fair is a zone for popularizing historical literature, a place for meetings with publishers, exchange of experiences and profitable purchases. The rich four-day program abounds in discussion panels, conferences, meetings with authors, presentations of strategic and board games.

    We invite lovers of books and history. It will be possible to purchase a unique publication: “Laurel of Independence”.

    “The Laurel of Independence” is a book that allows you to explore the still astonishing phenomenon of the resurrection of Poland, given that the pages of the Piłsudski’s supporters journal are full of life with the past of the Polish Legions, contained in the rediscovered historical articles and captivating memories of the old legionary rulers. Thanks to this, the reader of the album will be able to follow the legion’s combat trail and learn from the living stories of soldiers about the battles at Krzywopłoty, Łowczówek, Kostiuchnówka, Kaniów …


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