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    „Poland and Great Britain are two countries that want to maintain transatlantic unity”

    Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki met with Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London. The main topic of the politicians’ discussions was the crisis on the eastern border of the European Union. The head of the British government informed that, in the situation of the migration crisis, his country stands side by side with Poland. He also emphasized that, in terms of long-term security but also many other areas, Poland is the closest European ally of the United Kingdom in NATO.

    The cooperation on the part of the head of the British government was also confirmed by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who emphasized the visible support from the United Kingdom. Both prime ministers promised to reach a common position on the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian EU border, the energy crisis, and also activities related to Ukraine, Moldova, and the Western Balkans. 


    “Great Britain is Poland’s really good ally. I am happy about it. We will certainly continue our close cooperation,” Prime Minister Morawiecki concluded.


    Boris Johnson also stated that the UK and Poland shared a deep and long-standing friendship. 



    In recent days, the head of the Polish government met with leaders of many European countries. The Polish diplomatic offensive began with a visit with the prime ministers of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. A meeting with the prime ministers of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary took place in Budapest, from where the prime minister went to meet the head of the Croatian government. In the following days, the head of the Polish government met with the French President, the Prime Minister of Slovenia, and the Federal Chancellor of Germany.


    All meetings confirm solidarity and mutual support. The crisis at the border, as one of the ones influencing the geopolitical situation in Europe, is affecting both the European Union and NATO. These are hybrid activities that try to break the European Union’s territorial integrity, by taking advantage of migrants. The recent days have shown that we can count on our allies.




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