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    President of MRA: PLN 300 million for RNA technology in Poland

    The Medical Research Agency has selected five research teams that will develop RNA technology in Poland over the next five years. The agency will allocate PLN 300 million for this purpose, the president of the Medical Research Agency, DSc Radosław Sierpiński.

    On Monday, the head of MRA (Polish: Agencja Badań Medycznych) presented the results of the competition for the development of innovative therapeutic solutions using RNA technology. As part of the event, the directions of RNA technology development in Poland were discussed, and the ranking list of the competition was also presented. He noted that “it is a very universal technology that will take Poland into a completely different dimension when it comes to biotechnology”.

    “It will secure Polish patients, not only in terms of access to modern therapies but also in terms of safety in the event of future pandemics,” he added.

    He noted that this is a breakthrough in terms of the quality and innovation of biotechnology.

    “Today, in a moment, we will talk about the fact that we are in the world trends. We are joining the world avant-garde. We develop RNA technology in the pace of an express train, not in the pace of a handcar, as it usually was in Polish biotechnology (…),” he noted.


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