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    Experts advise which Christmas tree to choose for holidays 

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    Experts from the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences advise choosing a live Christmas tree from a special plantation for Christmas, instead of an artificial one.

    “The production of an artificial Christmas tree is harmful to the environment, and recycling is virtually impossible,”

    they point out.

    The choice of a Christmas tree depends on personal preferences. However, experts from the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław emphasize that buying a live tree from special plantations is much better for our planet. They note that artificial trees are made of PVC and metal. What is more, their decomposition may take several hundred years. Additionally, air and water are polluted during their production.

    “We do not need to have doubts about buying a live Christmas tree. The vast majority come from special forest plantations. Additionally, we can plant such a tree in the garden after Christmas and enjoy it for a long time,”

    Dr Włodzimierz Kita from the University says, who himself buys spruce for the holidays.

    The scientist also advises what to look for when choosing a Christmas tree. Nobody wants its Christmas tree to lose all its needles right after Christmas Eve.

    “Above all, it has to be a living green. The tree should be disqualified if localized yellowing has appeared anywhere. You can also gently run your hand over the branch. No needles or at most two or three should fall off from a freshly cut Christmas tree when you do this,”

    he points out.

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