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    Meeting of the new Polish and US ambassadors in Washington

    Our two new ambassadors – Mark Brzezinski and Marek Magierowski – met in Washington; ready to work to further strengthen our strong mutual ties, chargé’d affaires of the US Embassy Bix Aliu wrote on Twitter.

    “Our two new Ambassadors after the first meeting in Washington, ready to work to further strengthen and intensify our historically strong, mutual ties! Good luck to both of you!” Bix Aliu tweeted.

    On Saturday, the US Senate approved by acclamation the appointment of Marek Brzezinski as ambassador to Poland. This will be Brzezinski’s second diplomatic mission as an ambassador. During the term of office of President Barack Obama, he was the US ambassador to Sweden. Previously, he was, among others Director for Russia in the National Security Council under Bill Clinton’s administration. He was also one of Joe Biden’s advisers during his victorious presidential campaign in 2020.


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