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    Jarosław Kaczyński for “Gazeta Polska Daily”: Blocking payments for Poland from KPO is completely illegal

    – Blocking payments to Poland from the National Reconstruction Plan (KPO) is completely illegal. There are no, I repeat, no factual or legal grounds – says Jarosław Kaczyński, the president of the Law and Justice Party, to “Gazeta Polska Daily”. The entire conversation with the deputy prime minister was published on Friday (Dec 24), in the Christmas Eve edition of ‘GPC’.

    The authors of the interview, Katarzyna Gójska and Tomasz Sakiewicz, note in their discussion with Jarosław Kaczyński that:


    “Emissions trading in its present form means not only high electricity or heating bills but also inflation. About half of the level of inflation has its origins in this pathology. As if that were not enough, the European Commission has further proposals. It wants ETSs for fuel, building materials and perhaps also for agriculture, and in addition, it has a plan to create its fund and transfer most of these taxes to it”.


    “There’s nothing to talk about. Poland’s position will be clear: there is not and will not be our consent for such a thing,” answered Jarosław Kaczyński.


    When asked if Poland would accept the extension of the emissions trading scheme if the European Commission released our National Reconstruction Plan (KPO) money, the Deputy Prime Minister replies:


    “Firstly, blocking payments to Poland from the KPO is completely unlawful. There is no, I repeat: no, factual or legal grounds. It’s an illegal activity that violates the rule of law and simple fairness. However, this type of offer – if it had been made, as it has not been – cannot be considered interesting, because the long-term financial effects of extending the emissions trading scheme would be simply disastrous for Poles, our economy and the budgets of Polish families. It’s a proposal that can be described vividly like this: I’ll give you PLN 100,000, but you pay me a million in return. No one in their right mind would consider that”.


    Jarosław Kaczyński was also asked whether the European Union based on treaties still exists.


    “It can be said that the European institutions have radically rejected the Treaties. Exactly so – the treaties in the Union have ceased to apply and the CJEU has become the new lawmaker,” the Leader of the Law and Justice party responds decisively.


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