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    Important talks between Poland and the USA

    The situation around Ukraine and NATO-Russia relations were the main topics of talks with Jake Sullivan, the US President’s Security Advisor, informed the head of the Polish President’s International Policy Bureau Jakub Kumoch and the head of the National Security Bureau Paweł Soloch.

    “We agree that the US-Russia talks should reflect the position of the entire NATO. This applies especially to the response to the most aggressive Russian demands,” said Paweł Soloch.

    “I reported on the last meeting of the presidents of Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania and emphasized how important for Poland is the security of Ukraine and the existence of an independent Belarus. The United States is aware of this,” Kumoch emphasized.

    The ministers said that the conversation took place at the request of the American side and was related to the ongoing allied consultations regarding the threat of Russian aggression in Ukraine. During the talks, the “directions of responses” by NATO in the event of Russian aggression against Ukraine were also discussed.


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