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    The Czartoryski collection was purchased

    We bought the Czartoryski collection for millions of Poles who, moreover, very often in the last five years, meeting me somewhere there, said: thank you for the collection, said Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and National Heritage Piotr Gliński on Wednesday.

    On December 29, five years have been passed since the State Treasury purchased the collection of the Czartoryski princes. On this occasion, a press conference was organized at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

    “I think it was a very important moment for Polish culture, for Poland in general,” Deputy Prime Minister Gliński indicated at the press conference.

    On December 29, 2016, thanks to the purchase by the Polish government, the collection of the Princes Czartoryski became an integral part of the National Museum in Krakow. At the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and National Heritage, prof. Piotr Gliński, acting on behalf of the State Treasury, signed with Prince Adam Karol Czartoryski and the Princes Czartoryski Foundation, among others contract for the purchase of collection and related real estate.

    The collection has a total of 86,000 museum objects.


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