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    The year 2022 and its historical anniversaries

    Round anniversaries of the birth of Józef Mackiewicz, Bruno Schulz, the hundredth anniversary of the election of the first presidents of the Republic of Poland, ninety years after the breaking of the Enigma, two hundredth anniversary of the publication of the first collection of poetry by Adam Mickiewicz. We will celebrate these and many more anniversaries in 2022.

    2022 is the 200th anniversary of the publication in Vilnius of “Ballads and Romances”, a collection of poetry by Adam Mickiewicz. This moment is considered to be the symbolic beginning of the Romantic period in Polish culture.

    “What followed was unprecedented in Polish history. An era was born in which genius artists, thinkers, and political activists created a country of spiritual freedom in a situation of national captivity, developed independence programs, and at the same time brought Polish literature, music, and painting to the rank of leading achievements of European culture,” it was emphasized in the resolution of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland establishing 2022 the Year of Polish Romanticism.


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