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    36th Carpathian Europe Conference: Technological Startups Become Integral Part of Banking Ecosystems

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    A panel discussion titled “Technological Startups in the Future Industry Ecosystem – Cybersecurity” shed light on the evolving relationship between technology startups and the banking sector at the 36th Carpathian Europe Conference.

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    The Emergence of Technological Startups

    The world of finance is undergoing a transformation driven by information and data flows, often referred to as Industry 4.0. This paradigm shift connects the entire economy, emphasizing the role of technology, including artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Experts believe we are on the cusp of a technological boom, and startups have been, and continue to be, at the forefront of these changes, particularly in the realm of financial services.

    Startups are creating a competitive environment for traditional banks, pushing them to evolve rapidly. The Polish banking giant, PKO Bank Polski, exemplifies this trend by integrating around a hundred different services and products, many of which originated as startups, into their IKO application.

    This collaborative approach places the onus on banks to vouch for startup products and services, influencing the bank’s reputation. Therefore, entering into partnerships with startups requires careful procedures.

    PKO Bank Polski’s Approach

    PKO Bank Polski outlines a three-step process: identification of a startup’s service or product, finding ways to integrate it into the bank’s offerings, and assessing the financial viability.

    However, the detailed procedures and lengthy timelines can pose challenges for startups, often requiring sustained financial investments. This can lead startups to explore opportunities in other markets.

    The integration of technological startups into banking ecosystems signifies a pivotal shift in the financial industry. As the industry progresses into the future, collaboration between traditional banks and startups will likely continue to shape the landscape of financial services.

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