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    The cuisine from West Pomorskie Region

    West Pomorskie cuisine is said to be young and still forming. Common customs and flagship dishes of the region began to clarify with time. In this region, there are mainly beautiful beaches, fresh air and good local cuisine, which is a must-try.

    A large number of lakes, ponds, rivers, and proximity to the sea meant that probably the most popular regional product was fish. But West Pomerania cuisine consists not only of fish but also delicious meat products. The tables were often dominated by hare, poultry, duck, and pork. The szczeciński pie is usually served with borscht and is another delicacy of the region, which is still eaten not only by tourists but also by the locals.


    The most recognizable dish here is of course paprykarz szczeciński (sometimes called also Szczecin paprikash), which can be found in almost every store across the country. Paprykarz szczesciński is a Polish canned fish spread that is made from ground fish, rice, tomato paste, and vegetable oil. Most often seasoned with onion, salt, and spices.


    Some of the most popular regional products:

    – Drahimski honey,

    – plum wine,

    – rose petal preserve,

    – dumplings called “bidule”,

    – „ryczuchy”.

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