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    Italian media: Kulesza wants Cannavaro

    Media reports that Poland wants the 2006 world champion as coach of the national team, abandoned by Paolo Sousa. Italian press on Sunday widely reported Cannavaro’s trip to Warsaw for talks with President of Polish Football Association Cezary Kulesza.

    “La Gazzetta dello Sport” stresses that when they met on Saturday, Cannavaro realized that these were not just consultations with different coaches, as Kulesza is “absolutely determined” to put him in charge of the Polish national team.


    Italy’s biggest sports daily points out: “Fabio, a perfectionist by nature. He presented himself with a very precise plan of how he intends to lead and coach a team that is potentially one of the best in Europe, but which has often failed to take advantage of its potential”.


    Cannavaro’s plan, the daily adds, is “ambitious, complex and includes youth”. According to the newspaper, the project appealed very much to Kulesza, who declared his readiness to sign a contract with him for three years, until the European Championships in 2024.


    The article also points out how challenging it would be for him to prepare the Poles to fight for promotion to the World Cup in Qatar in the play-offs in March; Cannavaro would have little time to do this, but he is aware of it.


    According to Italian media, Cannavaro promised to give a definitive answer on Sunday. If he refuses, the other candidate could be Andrea Pirlo, a former Juventus player and coach, reports the daily.


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