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    Dangerous gangster apprehended by “headhunters”

    “Headhunters” from the Regional Police Headquarters in Kraków have detained Wojciech B. in Podhale – a gangster wanted with a warrant of capture. The criminal was giving high-interest loans against a pledge of real estate, Małopolska police Spokesman Sebastian Gleń said on Friday.

    B. was one of the leaders of the gang and also deputized and protected the leader of the group. The inmate, who had been wanted on a letter of protection since August 2021, after failing to report to serve time in prison.


    “The gang, of which he was one of the leaders, operated between 1998 and 2006 in Krakow and was involved in providing high-interest loans against real estate collateral. As the interest on these amounts increased at a rapid pace, the borrowers were unable to repay the debt. Then members of the criminal group took over mortgaged houses, plots of land. People who did not voluntarily agree to hand over their property were forced to do so by violence,” conveyed the spokesperson.


    Intensive operational activities led the Małopolska hunters to one of the properties in Podhale, where the wanted man had been hiding for several months. Criminals took surveillance of the apartment building and adjacent area.


    “On Thursday around 8 p.m., they sprang into action when an Audi pulled out of the garage. They stopped the 50-year-old driver of that vehicle. At the same time, police officers entered the home, where they apprehended the wanted gang leader on the first floor. the 51-year-old criminal was watching TV, was surprised by the discovery of his lodge and the police action, and offered no resistance. Police officers recognized him even though he had changed his image slightly. Both detainees were transported to the Małopolska police station,” reported junior. Insp. Gleń.


    A detained 50-year-old man from Podhale, who provided the wanted man with food and other necessary products, heard today a charge of aiding in hiding a wanted man, for which he faces up to 5 years in prison. The 51-year-old gangster, on the other hand, was sent to prison, where he will spend the next 10 years.


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