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    Poland builds coalition against Fit For 55

    “These are very ideological proposals that hit the general industry,” MEP Ryszard Czarnecki said of the FitFor55 package. The politician confirmed that Poland is working to build a coalition in the European arena that opposes the expansion of green policies. “In my opinion, we should not only threaten with a veto but also not be afraid to use it,” MEP Ryszard Czarnecki told the editorial board of VD Gazeta Polska.

    Metsola, who was elected EP president today, represents the European People’s Party. She received 458 votes, with the required majority of 309 votes. Her victory on Twitter delighted the chairman of the EPP party, Donald Tusk. As he stated, this is “great news, for all who believe in Europe”.


    European Conservatives and Reformists MEP Ryszard Czarnecki is of a different opinion. In his opinion, it is not clear what Metsola’s policy towards Poland will be and, as he stated, he has a problem with evaluating politicians.


    “On the one hand, I appreciate that she has always voted for life and not against life on pro-life issues. (…) On the other hand, however, she has attacked our country several times. That doesn’t bode too well,” MEP Ryszard Czarnecki told the editorial team of VD Gazeta Polska. 


    Ryszard Czarnecki was also asked about reports that Poland is building a European coalition to change the FitFor55 climate package. The MEP confirms that actions are being carried out in this matter and notes that fears of continuation of the green policy have not only the Polish government.


    “A further part of this ‘anti-climate reform’ is already hitting the Polish economy. (…) These are very ideological proposals that strike the overall industry. Hence, for example, President Macron’s MEPs, the French Liberals, are protesting very strongly against this package. Hence, in my opinion, here one should not only threaten with a veto but also not be afraid to use it,” Czarnecki stated.


    As the politician added, Poland should focus on veto not only on this project of “comrade Timmermans”, but also in the context of other issues. “Where there is a unanimous decision of the European Union, Poland can play with a veto to gain something else,” the MEP believes.


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