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    Time to show Russia that it won't pay to start the war with Ukraine

    – It is high time for the West to put its cards on the table and show Russia that it will not pay at all to start the war with Ukraine, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki commented in his weekly podcast. In his view, a possible war is a drama for Ukraine, but also a trap for Russia that will lead not to empire building but to… its marginalization

    The prime minister, in a podcast published on Facebook on Friday, spoke, among other things, about the conflict situation on the border with Ukraine. He assessed that “such an escalation has been pursued by Russia for a long time”.


    “The Kremlin has never got over with the fact that Ukrainian society has opted for freedom and democracy, and Ukraine has regained its sovereignty. Our eastern neighbour has found itself on a pro-Western course and has begun to slip out of the Russian sphere of influence,” the prime minister noted.


    According to him, the pursuit of Ukrainian independence is perceived in the Kremlin as “aggressive actions against Russia”. That’s why, he added, Moscow annexed Crimea, started the war in Donbas, and is now gathering troops near the Ukrainian border and “playing to destabilize the entire region”. 


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