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    Lukashenko aims his accusations at West and the USA

    The Spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator made a post on Twitter in which he referred to recent media statements by Alexander Lukashenko. As he pointed out, the Belarusian politician “once again manipulates the Belarus-West relations, arguing that the aggressive attitude of the U.S. leads to tensions between the West and Minsk.” “This time the accusations also involve Poland and the Baltic countries. They are, in Lukashenko’s narrative, being used by the United States against Belarus,” he reported.


    He added that “the Belarusian despot is making accusations against American policy, arguing that it can force Minsk into war.” Lukashenko called Belarus a “peace giver” in the region.



    In his address to the nation on Friday, Lukashenko declared that “if there is aggression against Belarus, there will be hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers who will fight together with hundreds of thousands of Belarusian soldiers for this sacred land.” Referring to the planned manoeuvres with Russia on the border with Ukraine, he said that “we need to cover our southern flank,” and the manoeuvres are meant to “show where we need to gather the minimum of the country’s armed forces.”


    As Lukashenka claimed, Poland “wants the whole of Belarus”. He accused it of “unceremonious and unappealing actions,” including “funding the opposition and coordinating protests, including in Belarus, Russia, and even Kazakhstan.”

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