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    They went abroad in search of work. Their bodies were found

    On Saturday, police found the corpses of a young man and woman in farmland in Dronten, central Netherlands. The woman’s body was a short distance from the man’s one, Remco van Straaten, a spokesman for Utrecht police, told PAP. He confirmed that the corpses were identified as missing Poles.

    The investigation into the exact cause of the victims’ deaths is still ongoing, but there is currently no indication that a crime has been committed, the spokesman added.


    20-year-old Victoria and her fiancé, 21-year-old Konrad, left for the Netherlands. According to the information posted on the profile “Lost Years Ago”, the couple began working on medical tests in Lelystad.


    The police from Przeworsk informed the parents’ last contact with them was on Jan. 31. The disappearance was reported last Thursday.


    According to the information provided by the Dutch police, the missing couple from Przeworsk, whose bodies were found in the Netherlands, were not victims of a crime. The cause of death is still unknown.


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