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    A chase straight out of GTA. A car thief was detained [VIDEOS]

    The portal footage showing the moment of the arrest of a 32-year-old man in Czaniec. On Tuesday, scenes resembling those from the popular computer game Grand Theft Auto played out on the streets of several Beskid towns. While fleeing from pursuit, the man stole random cars and tried to lose the officers chasing him at all costs. In the videos below, we take a look at the entire incident.

    On Tuesday, Feb. 8, after 1 p.m., police officers from two counties began a pursuit of a man who was extremely devious in his attempts after failing to stop for a traffic check. He changed cars three times during the escape. 


    According to the portal, operations were initiated by police officers from Małopolska who responded to the report and tried to stop the stolen Audi A3 for a traffic check. The fugitive, breaking traffic regulations, entered the territory of Silesia and escaped through Czaniec, Kobiernice, Bujaków and Kozy. In the meantime, he abandoned the stolen Audi and stole another vehicle, a Fiat Linea. For unknown reasons, after a while, he abandoned the other car and changed to another Fiat, this time a black Panda. The very idea of confusing the police officers proved unsuccessful.



    The chase, which lasted several minutes, ended in Czaniec on Zielona Street. He has been apprehended thanks to the prompt reaction of a random van driver, who had placed his van across the narrow road. There was damage to the unmarked police car during the operation. 



    None of the police officers was seriously injured. Nothing happened to the travellers of the stolen vehicles either, who were ejected from behind the wheel of their cars. The perpetrator was overpowered and taken into custody. Investigative activities are ongoing. the 32-year-old was arrested for three months. He is facing up to twelve years in prison for his crimes.


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