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    Cyberattack on Ukraine's Defence Ministry and banks continues

    The Ukrainian Defence Ministry’s website and the two banks’ apps stopped working. One of the most likely causes of the outage is cited as a DDoS cyber-attack. The information was confirmed by the Ukrainian government.

    A DDoS attack is underway on the websites of the Ministry of Defense and the armed forces, the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security reported. Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) is an attack on a particular service or account from several computers at the same time. It results in blocking access to Internet links or services. State-owned banks Privatbank and Oszczadbank are also under attack, it was added. Users report problems with payments and app performance.


    The bank assures that there is no threat to customers’ money and the attack only affects the Priv24 app. Oszczadbank’s online banking is also not working.


    “The aggressor might have resorted to petty nasty tactics,” it was written.


    The reports were confirmed by the Ukrainian government 


    “The MOU website was probably attacked by DDoS: an excessive number of requests per second was registered. Technical work is being done to restore proper functioning,” we read in Ukraine’s Defence Ministry’s entry.


    Previously, the British media reported a dangerous scenario today. 


    Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said today that Russian troops have begun loading up after the exercise and will be returning to garrisons. But at the same time, Britain’s The Sun, citing U.S. intelligence information, reports that an invasion of Ukraine could take place tonight. 


    “U.S. intelligence says Putin will give the order to attack probably at 1 a.m. (2:00 a.m. in Poland) on Tuesday/Wednesday night,” it was written.

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