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    Ribbentrop – Molotov still valid

    The decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union granting the European Commission the right to withdraw money from the Member States is a precedent that could lead to the downfall of the European Union. At the moment, it is possible, under cover of law, to exert any political pressure and to form interference in the policies of democratic countries at will.

    It is no coincidence that such decisions and measures were intensified at a time when the threat from the East was increasing. Everything indicates that we are dealing here with an attempt to construct a new geopolitical construct that shares the Russian-German influence, where the Russians reclaim the territory of the former USSR and Germany subjugates Central Europe. The problem is that Putin quoted much harsher than the Germans thought, and that led to an American response they had not expected at all, and the US returned to Europe. The European Commission and the European Court of Justice have obviously misunderstood the moment, failing to notice that further such measures would isolate Berlin and blow up the European Union from the inside, and would speed up the reform project with a completely different light from what Germany would like to see.


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