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    Where are Aleksandra and Oliwia Wieczorek? No trace found yet

    Two women – Aleksandra and her daughter Oliwia from Częstochowa, which were searched for in the area of the carpentry gardens on the outskirts of the city, remain missing – it was reported by the police. The trail of the women, who were murdered according to investigators, has still not been found. The 52-year-old acquaintance Krzysztof R., who was arrested on Wednesday, faced charges.

    On Friday, police and firefighters were joined by search teams from different cities and individuals who responded to a call for help from family members of Aleksandra and Olivia to search for in the water area. The possibility of the search was announced on social media.


    Volunteers gathered in the morning in an unpaved parking lot at the entrance to the carpentry gardens and then raked the area in a certain sector. Such community-minded people, who have decided to participate in the action, were over 80 on Friday. In the late afternoon, they drove home.


    The action has helped in finding items of clothing, as the officials said. So far, however, there is no confirmation that these items belonged to the missing women.


    On the grounds searched, the suspect has his gazebo. Nearby is one belonging to Aleksandra. On Friday, the entrance to the alley, where the two pavilions are located, was cordoned off with police tape, where another visual inspection was carried out with the participation of the public prosecutor.


    As reported by the local fire brigade commander. Krzysztof Dzwonnik of the State Fire Service from Częstochowa’s facility was provided with a specialized water and diving group from Bytom on Friday, which had a dinghy and special equipment, including a sonar. As the spokesperson of the Częstochowa Police, 2Lt Sabina Chyra-Giereś, said at the end of the action, three reservoirs and the riverbed of the nearby river were searched. Two other ponds were also inspected.


    Although the search is concentrated near the carpentry gardens where Aleksandra was last seen, as the Chyra-Giereś has noticed, it is not limited to this area of several dozen hectares.


    “Criminal Investigation continues to run operations we can’t talk about now, and they’re securing evidence,” she said.


    The police continue to appeal to drivers, particularly to those who were driving with a dashcam in their car on the evening of February 10th or the night of February 10th to 11th to check the recorded material. Possibly a silver Ford Focus was registered with license plate SC1836F – a car belonging to Aleksandra Wieczorek. The car of the 45-year-old is not missing – it had been parked in front of the block of flats that the two women left.


    The investigation of the murder of the two missing persons was taken over by the district prosecutor’s office in Czestochowa, citing the seriousness and urgency of the matter. Previously, it was monitored by the district attorney’s office. So far, the investigators do not disclose details of their actions – it is unclear what evidence points to R’s guilt, whether and what traces were found, and what motive might be behind them.


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