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    UN: Emergency meeting on Ukraine

    The recognition of the “Republics” in Donbas is an attempt to create a pretext for the invasion – said UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield during the special session of the Security Council. She added that Putin is claiming the right to the territories of the former empire, including parts of Poland.

    “This move by President Putin is the basis for the attempt to create a pretext for another invasion of Ukraine”, the ambassador said during an emotional night session of the Council convened at the request of Ukraine.


    Commented on the speech of the Russian President on Monday (Feb 21), which justified the recognition of the Donbasic “People’s Republics” that Vladimir Putin claimed the right to the territories of the entire former Russian Empire as well as the USSR.


    “This applies to the whole of Ukraine. This applies to Finland (…), parts of Poland and Turkey,” mentioned Thomas-Greenfield and added that Putin was “testing our international system, he is testing our resolve and seeing how far he can push us all”. She warned that Russian aggression could lead to millions of refugees migrating to Europe.


    “Putin wants the world to travel back in time. To a time before the United Nations. To a time when empires ruled the world,” she said. 


    “Nobody can stand by right now. We must make it clear that an attack on Ukraine is an attack on the sovereignty of every Member of the United Nations and will face quick and severe consequences,” she added.


    The US representative was not the only one to condemn Russia on Monday. Diplomats from Great Britain, France, Germany, Brazil, Kenya, Gabon, Ireland, Norway, Albania, Mexico and Ghana criticized Russia. Many of them pointed to the fact that Russia gave assurances in the Council on Thursday that the Minsk agreements had to be implemented, while Russia violated the provisions on Monday. British Ambassador Barbara Woodward announced severe economic sanctions on Tuesday.



    In the most emotional speech of the meeting, Ukrainian Ambassador Serhij Kyeca accused Russia of spreading a “virus” that threatens the international system and the United Nations itself.


    “The United Nations is sick. It’s just a fact. They were infected with a virus spread by the Kremlin. Whether we submit to it is in the hands of the members,” said the diplomat.


    As he said, the Kremlin copied the decree “word for word” after the invasion of Georgia in 2008 with the recognition of the Donbas “republics”.


    “Which of those present here will come next?” asked the diplomat.


    Ukraine wants peace and a political solution to the crisis.


    “We are on our land. We’re not afraid of anything and anybody. We don’t owe anybody anything. And we will not give anything back to anyone,” he added.

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