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    A wave of refugees from Ukraine. “Poland is well prepared”

    EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson said that “Poland is well prepared to welcome a large number of Ukrainians” who would leave their country due to Russian activities in Ukraine after a meeting with the Deputy Head of the Interior Ministry, Bartosz Grodecki.

    According to AFP, the Commissioner has discussed with Grodecki plans on the Polish and European side to deal with the possibility of an influx of Ukrainian refugees in various scenarios, after Moscow has recognised the breakaway regions of Ukraine to which Russia has pledged military support.


    “I have to admit that I am convinced that Poland is very well prepared, if necessary, to take in a large number of Ukrainians,” said Johansson.

    “I am assured by Poland’s level of preparedness in relation to Ukraine situation,” she wrote on Twitter. 


    Johansson recalled in a discussion on Tuesday that after the annexation of Crimea in 2014, many Ukrainians fled to Poland, Italy, Spain and Portugal.


    “The Commission is ready to provide economic support to Poland, if necessary,” supported and promised the aid from the EU Asylum Agency, Europol and Frontex.


    She also informed that Poland “applied for assistance to Frontex in the event of a large wave of refugees.” 


    “I hope Frontex will react positively as soon as possible”, she said.

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