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    Ukrainian Security Service observed the concentration of Russian troops on the border of Kharkiv Oblast. How long will they be there?

    The commander of the Ukrainian security service in Kharkiv Oblast, Roman Dudin, reported today that units under his command observed a concentration of Russian troops on the border with Kharkiv Oblast. On social media, there are videos in which military vehicles that appear at the border with Ukraine can be seen.


    “We are witnessing intensive manoeuvres and movements of troops of the Russian Federation along our borders. The military presence is gradually increasing. There is no sign of a withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian state border after the so-called manoeuvres,” he explained.



    According to recent information, the sanctions imposed by the US State Department in response to Russia’s recognition of the Donbas separatists affected two Russian banks: the PSB and the WEB. The PSB was set up as a “bank against sanctions” to finance the defence sector, while the WEB serves Russia’s debts.



    How long will Russian troops be stationed at the border?


    “Russian forces massing near Ukraine’s borders can only remain in position for a few days before they have to be sent back to nearby bases or risk their capability being significantly degraded,” wrote The Guardian, quoting western officials and experts on that matter.


    Following the topic, it is still possible for Russia to “reverse the frontline deployment and return troops to the staging areas they occupied in January”. This seems to be similar to what happened the previous spring. Russia was ready to escalate without warning once they have resupplied. However, military pressures mean the next few days are possibly decisive.

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