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    Tanks and military vehicles drive from the side of Crimea [VIDEO]

    Russian troops marched into the territory of Ukraine from the side of occupied Crimea – the border police announced on Thursday. Separatists from the so-called People’s Republic of Lugansk report the occupation of the cities of Shchastia and Stanica Lugansk. The Ukrainian side reports on the fighting in the region and the evacuation of the inhabitants.

    Russian troops have crossed the border of occupied Crimea and entered the territory of Ukraine – said the Ukrainian border police on Thursday. Surveillance cameras at the administrative border of occupied Crimea show a column of Russian tanks and combat vehicles on the Ukrainian mainland. One of the cross-border commuters died as a result of rocket fire from Crimea in the village Preobrazenska on the border to the Khersonsky Oblast – reported the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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