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    Demonstration in front of Russian Embassy in Warsaw. Poland supports Ukraine! [GALLERY]

    The Russian armed forces began the attack on Ukraine today (Feb 24) before 4 a.m. The media of the Free Speech Zone and Adam Borowski are calling for participation in the demonstration in front of the Russian Embassy in Warsaw.

    The demonstration in front of the Russian Embassy in Warsaw began today at 6:00 p.m. It aims to show that Poland does not agree with the actions of Vladimir Putin!


    “We will not accept war with our neighbour.”


    We do not accept our territory being used against Ukraine. “We are with the Ukrainians,” explains Aleś Zarembiuk, head of the Belarusian House in Warsaw, in an interview with the website niezalezna. pl.


    “Putin is unpredictable. He is a really sick person – of which the Poles, the Polish leadership, have been warning the Western partners for years. In this context, it should be borne in mind that without President Kaczynski’s visit to Tbilisi in 2008, Georgia might have already been occupied by the Russian army,” he adds.

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