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    The Russians are trying to surround Kyiv [VIDEO]

    In the vicinity of Kyiv, military equipment with the Z marking, previously used by the Russian armed forces, was noticed. TV Nastoyaszcheye Vriemia also reports on another attempt to land in Kyiv. The Ministry of Defense reports on the fighting near Ivanov, north of Kyiv. The Ukrainian President’s Office confirmed the fights in the district of Obołoń in the northwest of Kyiv.

    According to a live broadcast of the Internet TV Nastoyaszcheye Vriemia of Radio Free Europe, there are also reports on the fighting against various groups in the Obolon district of Kyiv.


    Shortly before, another attempt to blow up a landing in the north of the capital Minsk massif and fight there was reported.


    In the morning, the General Staff of the Armed Forces reported heavy fighting near Dymer and Ivankov northwest of Kyiv. To cut off the Russian column, the Ukrainians blew up a bridge over the Terev River. The Ukrainians also blew up two more bridges around Kyiv.


    On Thursday, after protracted fighting, Ukrainian forces managed to recapture Hostomel Airport near Kyiv from the hands of a Russian landing.


    During the night, the Ukrainian capital was attacked from the air. Authorities reported injuries to civilians.


    The invaders are dressed in uniforms of the Ukrainian armed forces; “We ask the Ukrainian citizens to be vigilant and report all information to the law enforcement authorities”, the information was published on Facebook. 



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