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    Russia sends more troops

    Russia is frustrated by Ukraine’s successful resistance and the fact that, since the beginning of the invasion, it has not been able to “make the progress intended to achieve – US President Joe Biden told the media. The Pentagon said the Russians were forced to strengthen the army.

    “We know that they (the Russians) have not made the progress they intended, especially in the North (Ukraine). They are frustrated with what they perceive to be very determined resistance,” said a US government official. He added that the Ukrainians were able to slow down the progress of the Russian armed forces.


    Russian President Vladimir Putin has stationed more than 50% of his country’s armed forces in Ukraine. The US believes that Russia will have to bear higher logistical costs in the offensive, especially in terms of fuel, than it had originally planned.


    The Pentagon reported today that Russia was forced to procure more troops. About half of the troops assembled at the border were already involved in the invasion.

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