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    After a siege and street battles Kherson has fallen

    Ukrainian authorities reported on Thursday morning that after heavy fighting, the Russians have taken control of Kherson. Mayor of the city of Ihor Kolykhaiev reported that in the building of the city administration he spoke with representatives of the Russian forces. He asked “not to shoot people,” reports AFP.

    Hennadiy Lahuta, head of Kherson Oblast, issued a telegram calling on the inhabitants of Kherson to stay at home, since “the (Russian) occupiers are in all parts of the city and are very dangerous.”


    “We have great difficulty with collecting and burying the bodies of victims, delivering food and medicine, and helping in the event of accidents,” said Ihor Kolykhaiev.


    He said he “had not made any promises” in talks with representatives of the Russian armed forces and announced the night curfew.


    On Wednesday evening, Kolykhaiev said that the Russians were on the streets of the city and had paved their way to the town hall. Shortly thereafter, Euromaidan PR reported that fighting was taking place on the streets of Kherson.


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