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    Significantly less gas flowing through the Yamal pipeline

    As reported by the portal Euractiv citing the German operator Gascade, the level of gas transported from Russia to Germany via the Yamal pipeline has fallen by almost 30 times.

    The portal recalls that Russian gas accounts for about 40% of the European gas demand, while the Yamal pipeline is responsible for about 15% of gas supplies from Russia to Europe and Turkey. Deliveries via this route are not via Ukraine, but via Belarus to Poland and Germany.


    “The data from the Gascade operator showed preliminary bids of 6.4 million kWh/h for the next 24 hours for westbound supplies, while bids for eastbound flows of 6.1 million kWh/h,” writes


    As Euractiv points out, the invasion of Ukraine highlighted the problem of Germany’s dependence on Russian gas and forced Europe’s largest economy to urgently reshape the energy market.


    “Russia is suspected of reducing supplies via conventional routes to underline the need to build an additional natural gas pipeline, Nord Stream 2, which is declared ‘dead’ under Western sanctions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” writes

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