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    40th Anniversary of the Federation of Fighting Youth Commemorated in Warsaw

    On June 8, 2024, the Museum of Cursed Soldiers and Political Prisoners of the Polish People’s Republic in Warsaw hosted a ceremony to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Federation of Fighting Youth (FMW). The event was attended by Dr. Karol Polejowski, Deputy President of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN). The ceremonies began with a Mass for deceased FMW members, led by Father Michał Sołomieniuk, followed by a wreath-laying at the Wall of Death.


    Recognition and Speeches

    Awards and statues were presented by the FMW President, including one to Dr. Karol Polejowski. In his speech, Dr. Polejowski emphasized the enduring legacy of the FMW and its commitment to freedom and opposition to communist oppression, reflecting on a quote from President Ronald Reagan about Poland’s traditions of resisting enslavement.

    Panel Discussions and Activities

    A panel discussion titled “One Homeland, Two Tribes” featured Dr. Sławomir Cenckiewicz and Senator Krzysztof Kwiatkowski. Participants also had the opportunity to tour significant FMW sites, visit the Blessed Father Jerzy Popiełuszko Museum, and enjoy a concert by Kwartet Pro Forma, performing songs by Przemysław Gintrowski and Jacek Kaczmarski.

    FMW’s Historical Impact

    The Fighting Youth Federation, established in 1984 as a successor to the disbanded Federation of School Youth, played a crucial role in the political transformation of the late 1980s. It vigorously opposed the communist regime and upheld the ideological heritage of “Solidarity,” though often in conflict with the latter’s leadership.

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