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    The autopsy has confirmed the identity of the bodies found in Romanów

    The corpses found on February 21 in the forest near Romanów (Silesian Voivodeship) are the bodies of Alexandra and her daughter Olivia from Czestochowa – confirmed DNA tests, the results of which were received by the public prosecutor on Wednesday. Women were missing on February 10th. The acquaintance of the woman has heard the murder charge. He didn’t admit it.

    Information on the results of the identification tests carried out at the Forensic Medical Institution in Katowice was provided by Tomasz Ozimek, spokesperson of the Częstochowa District Prosecutor’s Office.


    Based on these investigations, it was determined that the bodies discovered on February 21 in a forest complex in Romanów are the bodies of 45-year-old Alexandra W. and her 15-year-old daughter Olivia, who disappeared on February 10 – said the prosecutor.


    The autopsy showed that the younger victim was probably strangled. The experts were unable to determine the cause of death of the older victim, which is to be determined by additional toxicological and histopathological studies.


    Even before the body was found, a friend of the missing persons – Krzysztof R. was accused of the double murder. Last week, his lawyer submitted a complaint about the arrest. The court will revisit it next Monday.


    On Saturday, March 5, the funeral of Alexandra († 45) and her daughter Olivia († 15) took place in Czestochowa. Mother and daughter were inseparable all their lives, and the brutal murder of women shook almost the whole country. Her grieving family and relatives accompanied them on their final journey. 


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