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    Belarusian soldiers are going to defend Kyiv. They’ve formed their own battalion! [VIDEO]

    Independent Belarusian media report that the soldiers and officers there continue to refuse massively to take part in the war in Ukraine. According to the information available, additional troops are being disbanded, which should be brought to Ukraine in support of the Russian occupiers. That’s not all. It turns out that the Belarussians formed their own battalion named after Kastus Kalinouski in Kyiv to defend the city.

    Last week it was reported on Ilya Litvin, the first Belarusian to be killed in battles defending Ukraine. He volunteered to defend the country against Russian aggression.


    The Belarusian was fatally wounded and could not be saved. On March 24, the day of the Russian invasion, Ilya posted a video on social media explaining the reasons for the decision:



    Unlike Russia, however, they seem to know what the real purpose of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is and how those who commit barbarism on Ukrainian soil against defenceless civilians, including women and children, end up. In recent days there have been reports from Belarus of massive refusals by soldiers and officers to go to Ukraine. The military is rebelling, and the Belarusian General Staff is daily claiming that soldiers are being sent to their deaths. 


    The latest information shows that the process is underway and other units specially formed for the transfer to Belarus are being disbanded.


    In Kyiv, the Belarussians founded their own Kastus Kalinouski battalion to defend the city. They appeal to their compatriots: “You want to defend Kyiv; we are waiting for you!”



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