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    How to quickly drive away a Russian tank left behind [VIDEO]

    Recent events in Ukraine have shown us how, after many years of peace in the age of globalisation, Russia decided to take Ukraine’s territory without regard for human life. Every day there are numerous clashes in which Ukrainians heroically defend their homeland. In the attached videos and pictures, we often see the Ukrainian inhabitants who managed to intercept the Russian war machines left behind, often with the help of tractors. What if a tank like this is fully tanked and we don’t know how to fend off an attacker with his own weapon? YouTube tutorial will help us.

    Terenwizja is a YouTube channel that deals daily with off-road cars, focusing mainly on off-roading in every aspect. The guys from the Terenwizja channel are Poles and do a great job by dedicating their films to difficult, taboo subjects related to off-roading and they are also willing to share their valuable experiences. Originally the channel was dedicated to reporting on off-road races, while later, you can see on it many interesting reviews and tips. We present one of them below.


    In the video, we see how to easily start, drive and operate a complex machine like the T-72 tank. The tutorial itself is short because it takes less than 7 minutes and what you learn can often save your life. The subtitles in Ukrainian are the advantage of the video. You can also find out where to throw Molotov cocktails to take the machine out of order. The film was shot with the help of the Military History Museum in Borne Sulinowo.


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